Affordable co-working space in Nottingham. 
Brief required to create a co-working space brand identity for two graphic designers - Imogen and Isaac, based in Nottingham. 
The number of employed and freelancers are predicted to grow in the forceable future. 
Brand values: collective, inspired and enthusiastic. 
Target audience in Nottingham 
Creators, innovators and keen collaborators. Sharing ideas is a key part of their success. Ambitious, proud of local business growth, interested in self development, growth, participate in local events. Young ambitious and hard people. 
Keywords: industrial, modern, fun. 
Robin symbolises hope, renewal, rebirth, new beginnings. 
Images are used only for student project only. 

Round Robin colour palette choice : 
Orange: associated with enthusiasm, determination, freedom and expression. 
Pink: represents harmony, friendship and approachability.
Green: motivating, related to success. 
Round Robin name was created after round robin brainstorming technique. Technique gives everyone's ideas equal weight. 
Robin Hood is a tale of Nottingham (Sherwood Forest) - home of the start up. 

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