Brief required to create packaging for architects. Packaging of premium pencils for senior architects was created evoking quality and overall classic heritage. Ebony packaging carries a distinctive pattern based on a crown symbol. Packaging was inspired by the Bavaria region in Germany ,where the first modern pencil was invented. 
Creative process. Concept development
Luxury and Ebony. Storyline
Ebony is a luxury pens and pencils brand with a strong heritage. 
A family from Bavaria opened a little pencils factory. Since then it became a sophisticated pen and pencil making company. They earned a good reputation. Craftsmanship and sophistication are  core of the brand DNA.
 Limited edition pencils became a gift to businessmen and senior architects. 
Ebony pencils provide an element of authority and experience. Excellent gift for senior architects. 
After the storyline was created two illustrations were created inspired by illustrations of German nobility of that time. 
Ebony's philosophy: special gift. 
Ebony means dark/black wood. Packaging colour was created black. 
Silver packaging with a different illustration. 
Notebook as a brand extension was created using Ebony's pattern. Next to it on the right is a mockup of preliminary Ebony's mockup. 

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